Partner with OVPUE

Partner with OVPUE

Companies and organizations can support Undergraduate Education and the work of OVPUE units bringing excellent academic and career support, guidance in planning for continued education or the work force, and unique opportunities to IU Bloomington's undergraduate students.

Partnerships take many forms, and we can work with you to find the right opportunity for your organization.

Opportunities for partnership

Recruiting IUB undergraduates

OVPUE's Career Development Center and Health Professions & Prelaw Center help students prepare for careers by working while at IU and finding the best fit once they graduate.

You can support IUB undergraduates by participating in and recruiting at events like CDC's career fairs or HPPLC's Law Day and Health Programs Fair.

Undergraduate Research

OVPUE's Office of Undergraduate Research works with faculty and graduate students across campus to bring undergraduate research opportunities to every IUB undergraduate, including under-represented and minority students.

Your gift can support our programs and student funding, IU Undergraduate Research Month, the IU Undergraduate Research Conference, or the IU Journal of Undergraduate Research.

Initiatives for women and under-represented students

OVPUE's Women in STEM LLC work to combat gender equity issues for undergraduate women, and our academic support units like Engaged Learning collaborate to support under-represented students throughout their career at IUB.

Your gift can support units such as the Women in STEM Living-learning Community, the Center for Students in Transition, or the Student Academic Center.

Internships & Professional Development

OVPUE's Career Development Center connects students with internship and employment opportunities that help them learn about their career interests and gain valuable experience in preparation for full-time work.

You can partner with CDC to develop an internship program for IUB undergraduates or make a gift supporting student professional development by helping the Office of Engaged Learning fund travel for presenting at research conferences or attendance at leadership programs.