The OVPUE fund provides a place where requests—that in the past have not been supported due to funding restrictions—are now considered. Over the years staff have noticed needs arise for emergency support, recognition events, and hospitality requests. However, OVPUE has not had significant unrestricted funds to help meet these needs and appropriately value the hard work of students and staff. Consider making a gift to build a fund that supports these needs—today and into the future.

A gift today will help OVPUE meet emerging needs as identified by its staff, including student engagement, staff recognition and enrichment, emergency support, and varied requests outside of operating budgets.

OVPUE Employee Support: Make a fund request

OVPUE directors can submit an application for support from the OVPUE fund or request a one-time, nonrecurring promotional item to acknowledge a staff, student, or non-OVPUE employee by submitting the appropriate request form.

Requests are considered once received. Please direct Funding request questions to vpueeng@indiana.edu.

Tax advantage

Gifts to Indiana University are deductible as charitable contributions within the limits of the Internal Revenue Code. Indiana taxpayers are eligible for a 50% tax credit for gifts up to $400 on joint returns or $200 on individual returns.