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Support Undergraduate Education

The Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education oversees programs and initiatives in support of outstanding academic experiences for all IU Bloomington undergraduate students. It provides advising, testing, and enrichment resources for students at all stages and leads initiatives that assess, support, and improve undergraduate teaching and learning.

8,000Students have studied abroad since 2000 with financial support from OVPUE, thanks to the generosity of our incredible donors.

200+IU Bloomington recipients of prestigious national awards have worked with OVPUE offices on their applications in the last 2 years.

26Academic advisors promoted during the first 3 years of IU Bloomington's innovative advisor promotion program.

We ensure excellent educational opportunities are available to every IUB undergraduate student, especially those who have overcome significant obstacles and barriers.

Preparing students for what comes next

We believe in expanding the Indiana University education far beyond the classroom by providing students with the proper resources and opportunities in order for them to engage deeply in their learning.

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Making Medical School possible for more diverse students

Applying to Medical School can cost thousands of dollars and students with limited financial resources often have difficulty covering the costs to apply to multiple schools. The Health Professions & Prelaw center is working to make applying to med school a possibility for more IU Bloomington students.

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Increasing educational opportunities overseas

The Hutton International Experiences Program provides undergraduate students funding opportunities and honors seminars abroad, while also providing international programming on campus: including culture nights, film screenings, and the promotion of world language study at IUB.

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Tailored support for adult & non-traditional students

We offer specialized academic advising for non-traditional students returning to IU to complete their degree after military service or later in life.

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Opportunities to make an impact

The funds and campaigns listed here are just a few ways you can invest in our mission to support every IU Bloomington undergraduate student's academic experience. 

The OVPUE Fund provides a place where requests—that in the past have not been supported due to funding restrictions—are now considered. Over the years staff have noticed needs arise for emergency support, recognition events, and hospitality requests. However, OVPUE has not had significant unrestricted funds to help meet these needs and appropriately value the hard work of students and staff. Consider making a gift to build a fund that supports these needs—today and into the future.

A gift today will help OVPUE meet emerging needs as identified by its staff, including student engagement, staff recognition and enrichment, emergency support, and varied requests outside of operating budgets.

The Health Professions and Prelaw Center is wholly dedicated to the success of IU students seeking admission into professional programs in law, medicine, and other health professions.  The application process into these professional schools can be rigorous and expensive.  Your support can enable a student to apply to multiple schools, travel to interviews, and increase their chances of award packages.   

Students that fall outside of or in between services typically provided by other University offices deserve support.  Students in Transition advisors help investigate and identify solutions and degree options that make the most sense for a student's particular background and goals.  Your gift can help a returning student prioritize and achieve those goals.  

The Career Development Center strives to empower every University Division student to find their niche by engaging and understanding the impact of career planning.  Your gift enables students experiences to build a strong foundation for career success.

The Campus Writing Program is dedicated to improving our students' education by promoting writing as a tool to improve both learning and teaching.  Writing Tutorial Services (WTS) offers students one-on-one help with any phase of the writing process.  A gift can help this service remain free and accessible throughout many campus locations and provide resources to enhance our tutors education and experience.  

Engaged Learning provides students with the proper resources and opportunities in order for them to engage deeply in their learning. Support allows students to take what they learn in class, and apply it to real life situations through engaged learning activities like undergraduate research, internships, global engagement, and mentorship opportunities.